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    Army Recruits Guide

    Josh Green

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    Army Recruits Guide

    Post by Josh Green on Sun Jan 03, 2016 9:54 pm

    Hello recruit You have just joined the army and you need help! I get it! so we will help!

    I am general Josh Green and I am also the creator and maker of stop fight so I know it all! to begin with your new so we will tell you how to use the forum! Before you begin apply to the Army Group to do that find Usergroups and then click it. Select only army group not elites that's later!! OK now you are in the army you need a job!! here are your options

    • Medic

    • Pilot

    • Defender

    • Bodyguard

    • Sailor

    More jobs will come later! to apply for a job come to the army forum page and click New topic then fill out a Character bio and your proof of joining (came in faction application email) then click send! No Emoticons!

    OK, a few more steps to go! You will need BT or Basic Training so ask a Rank 6+ to do BT! Your trainer will explain the final steps

    Enjoy Josh Green

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